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Here is some information about the construction of this simulator

Simulation Software:
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 by Microsoft
FSUIPC by Peter Dowson

WideFS by Peter Dowson
FreeFD freeware by Don Lafontaine (Link appears to be dead for now)


Simulation Hardware:
PC1: Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz, 120GB Hard drive, 1GB RAM, Matrox Parhelia Video board. This computer runs FS2004
PC2: Intel P3 450MHz, 8GB Hard drive, 256KB RAM, GeForce4 440MX. This computer runs the PFD and ND for the first officer side.
PC3: Intel P2 350 MHz, 4GB Hard drive, 256KB RAM, VooDoo Banshee Video. This computer runs EICAS
KE72 Keyboard encoder by Hagstrom Electronics
I also plan to use the Phidgets to interface some of my parts to the sim like the throttle quadrant (haven't started on that yet)

Also found a very interesting site, with available IOCARDS to interface the sim


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